Patricia A. MilleR

Barbara Brier

My desire to create dynamic and lyrical compositions is a process that often begins with themes related to music and nature.  I strive to create movement literally or symbolically by embracing the motion, currents and flow integral to these subjects. 

Along with found and hand-made papers and my travel photographs, objects such as stones, shells, and re-worked sheet music are embedded in my art.  These media enable me to embrace and re-interpret music and the natural world in abstraction.  Gels, acrylics, pastels, and grout are applied to enhance texture, depth and to create a 3-dimensional effect. 



12" x 16" 
Mixed media (50's piano music, fired edges, found papers, CDs, wax) For limited ed. prints in various sizes.

Through Binoculars

Mixed media.  Found papers,pastels, paint and gels.  
8" x 8".  Available in limited ed. prints of different sizes.

Paris at Night

Collage. 16 x 20. For limited ed. prints in various sizes.

Freshly Picked

Freshly Picked
Collage. 16 x 19 framed. 
And, for limited ed. prints in various sizes

Allegro Series # 2

8 1/2 x8 1/2 framed     
Mixed media (found papers, cardboard, paint, ink , glass bead gels).   Please contact artist for availability of original or  limited ed. prints of various sizes. 

Rock & Roll River

14 x17 framed
Mixed media (tissue papers, paint , pastels, glass bead and other gels)  
For limited edition prints in various sizes.

Super NY Sunrise

8" x 8" unframed.  
Mixed media ( papers, acrylics, pastels)
Limited ed. digital prints are available.

Boogie Board Blast

8 x 8  
Mixed media ( tissue papers, glass bead and other gels, paint and my photo of boy having a blast).  
For limited edition prints in various sizes.

Dream Street

16" x 20"  
Mixed media (papers, pastels, paint and ink) 
Original and limited edition prints in various sizes, available.